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Well, this blog was supposed to document my recent trip to France, but the French internet gods took over. For reasons unknown to me, when I opened my blog after I had settled in at the Chateau de La Napoule. it opened in French! Not only was there no way I could figure out to convert it to English, but the editing icons/buttons weren’t there. I could not add any comments or photos. So, I’ll make an attempt to do a post-trip blog. Day 1 & 2, May 14 & 15 – Took a shuttle van from near my home in New Jersey to Kennedy airport in New York. I usually prefer to fly to Europe from Philadelphia, but Delta had the only direct flight to Nice, France from the northeast. Flights from Philadelphia would have required changing planes in Paris. I’ve done that before, but on one occasion the flight leaving Philadelphia was a half hour late, resulting in arriving in Paris late and missing the connecting flight. The eight hour flight was uneventful and I arrived at Aérogare 2, Nice Côte d&#
This is a painting I completed about three weeks ago. It was inspired by a photo I saw of a sculpture by Jules Dalou, a prominent French sculptor in the late 1800s. It was a full figure and titled "Peasant Woman Nursing an Infant." A good friend modeled for the painting with her 8-month old baby. I've posted this painting on Facebook several weeks ago, but am posting it here to see if I've got the hang on how to do it.
This is where I'll be painting for a week, in a workshop sponsored by the Maine College of Art. Chateau de La Napoule is magical, enhanced by the sculptures of Henry Clews and the acres of gardens planned by his wife Marie. They bought it in the early 1900s and spent the next 40 years restoring it. I've been here before, about 15 years ago, in a workshop sponsored by the Pennsylvania Academy if Fine Art